Pet Remembrance Glass was born out of one person's love for her pet rescue companion. 

Owner Lori Woroschuk wanted to find a way to heal her heart and honor her love for her four-legged family member Gracie so she took ash cremains and had them worked into a custom glass creation she could touch and hold. 

The experience soothed Lori's spirit so much she began helping friends get custom created pieces of their own.  That's when she saw the need for a comforting custom creation that reflected the vibrant life of those lost.

Each and every glass artist we use personally handcrafts your Pet Remembrance Glass art. The process is personal and each piece is guaranteed to be created with the highest integrity and greatest respect for your loved one. We custom create each individual Pet Remembrance Glass piece to your specifications.

We take the utmost care to make sure your cremains are and any materials are kept together and not mixed with other items during the entire process.  Any unused cremains will be returned with your Pet Remembrance Glass piece.